Kity circular saw blades

Kity circular saw blades

Saw diameters and bore sizes.
Find the right saw blade fitting to your Kity circular saw machine.

Whatever machinery you have, mount a compatible blade measuring the full size. Substituting a close enough undersized diameter may be possible, but not ideal.


modelnumber size
150 x 20 mm
510, 616, 617, 2617
180 x 15 mm
419, 7419, 0618, Kombi2000, Kombi5023, Junior6
200 x 30 mm
250 x 30 mm
1609, 1619, 5619, 6619, 9619
270 x 30 mm
315 x 30 mm

Always work with sharp tools for the best result and safety. Wear safety glasses, work gloves and ear protection if possible, when you work with machines.

Before taken over by Scheppach, Kity machines were quit famous in home workshops. Well known combinations of stationary woodworking machines were, 617 Sawtable with 200mm blade, extension table and sliding table. 636 Surface and Thickness Planer 10x6 inch with spare blades. 626 Spindle Moulder with sliding table.

kity woodworking machines

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Kity circular saw 429
Kity circular saw 419
Kity 638 combi. In 'the good old times' a popular combination of woodworking machines, all driven by one basic motor.
kity houtbewerking machines


Circular saw blades have different sizes from a few inches to several feet across. Diameter is the span from one edge of the circle to the other measured along a center line. The radius is half that; it is the span from the center to the edge. A saw doesn't have the capacity to cut that deep, though. Maximum depth of cut is less than the radius. It cuts no deeper than 1/3 of its diameter. A 10" saw cuts about 3" deep at maximum capacity, and usually less. A big blade has greater cutting depth. Not only can a larger blade cut deeper, it also has a larger circumference, or the measurement around the rim. A longer cutting length around the circumference makes space for more tips overall. For this reason, bigger blades have longer endurance. Small blades have less circumference circling the rim, which explains how fast they get used up. A big one might last the equivalent of two smaller ones. However, large sizes won't necessarily allow faster feed; coarseness determines that.

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